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Kar 88 history search

Posted: Fri Jan 04, 2019 1:03 pm
by Petey1170
I’m hoping someone here can help me....I got my first Commission rifle(the pictured Kar)back in ‘00(interesting story in itself) did a little research and shot it a handful of times. Just yesterday I picked up the reprint series Histories of Two Hundred and Fifty One Divisions of the German Army Which Participated in the War(1914-1918) and am now trying to trace what battles/areas it might have been in. The Kar is all matching with the nose cap markings B.6.Ch.3.33. Which I believe means it was the 33rd weapon of the 3rd Chevaulegers of the 6th Bavarian Division(please correct if I am wrong) Now with the onset of the war, I believe they were integrated into the German Army but this has become my stumbling block....what actual Division did they go to and did they remain Calvary or become infantry?