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Chinese Hanyang Type 88

Posted: Tue Mar 15, 2016 6:45 pm
by Admin
Chinese Hanyang Type 88 copy of German 1888 Commission Rifle production began on 1895 & was standard issued rifle for National Revolutionary Army & by Chinese Communists the Hanyang Type88 served before & thru the Boxer Rebellion, Qing Dynasty, Warlord Era, WW2, Civil War, Korean War because of such a long service history these rifles are seldom found in good condition but if they could talk it would be quite a story I'm sure. This Hanyang Type 88 has red kanji characters painted on stock has the reverse swastika on receiver & parts no parade loop hole in trigger guard no gas deflect on firing pin nut & stock is noticeably thicker in wrist area not sure if sling is original but it is old & fragile if anyone knows what red kanji lettering means please let me know.
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