Commission Rifle Bore Sizes

General Information & Facts Pertaining To The German Model 1888 Commission Rifle
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Commission Rifle Bore Sizes

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Gew88 Bore Size
Originally a .318 round nose bullet with a .321 diameter groove barrel in 1905 the Germans changed to a .323 diameter bullet "S" conversion to a 154 grain spritzer bullet. German "sS" 198 grain military ammo is NOT SAFE in your Gew88 rifle! Below is year & bore size's of Imperial German Gewehr88 which need to have 2400fps ammo.
1889-1890= .314-.3215 1890-1896= .311-.3215 1896- = .311-.323+
The Czech barrels (circle z) can be from .306-.316 so it would NOT be safe to use .323 ammo in a Czech barrel so not made for German military ammo use but is the same as German civilian ammo.
So you can use commercial U.S. ammo which has .318 bullet but will not be accurate in the .321 & .323 barrels
There is misinformation on the web that if your receiver has an "S" stamp it is safe to use .323 ammo spitzer point ammo when the receiver has nothing to do with the chamber of your gun it could have barrel replaced after receiver was marked. The ONLY way to know for sure what size barrel you have is to SLUG your barrel. Below shows that the chamber is not in the receiver.

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